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9887 4th St N #319

St. Petersburg, FL 33702

In Office & Telehealth Appointments​ starting August 2023


About Dr. Jennifer McGinness

As a former college counseling therapist, I connect well with kids, teens, and emerging adults adjusting to newfound independence and responsibilities. I am very familiar with the experiences of those navigating new social situations and academic challenges during childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. I work collaboratively with clients to adapt to these changes and find healthy ways to cope with concerns such as loneliness, low motivation, sadness, frustration, irritability, anxiousness, suicidal thoughts, and self-harm. 


More specifically, I work alongside clients who struggle to ask for help, worry they’re not “good enough,” or feel afraid that others will not like them. I am also passionate about working with those navigating self-comparison and low self-esteem as well as the difficulties these symptoms often lead to, such as body-image concerns and disordered eating. Additionally, I have experience working with survivors of sexual victimization and am committed to working alongside survivors as they adjust to life after experiencing trauma.


I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and have specialized training experiences in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. I often use techniques from each of these evidence-based approaches to best address client concerns and needs. Overall, my goal is to instill hope, cultivate trust, and foster a warm connection with my clients. I hope to work with clients as they let go of worry, sadness, and self-criticism and begin experiencing life in the present moment. 


I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Florida as a graduate of the Honors Program and received my doctorate in clinical psychology from Georgia Southern University. Outside of the office, I enjoy detective shows and snuggling with my tuxedo cat, Monet. I am also a PADI-certified SCUBA diver! To learn more about me and the services I provide, reach out today to schedule a complementary 15-minute phone consultation.

If you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or just confused, or if it feels like everything you do to try and help your child or teen contradicts the last approach you tried or makes things worse, I can offer help. I enjoy collaborating with parents to help them feel more in control during times when things feel out of control. My approach focuses on teaching you strategies to better understand and connect with your child.


I have a passion for working with children and their families, adolescents and young adults struggling with anxiety, depression, learning and behavioral issues at school, posttraumatic stress as well as chronic and persistent mental illness. I also enjoy conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations to assess for learning disabilities, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), anxiety & mood disorders.

I make it my mission to create a safe and nonjudgmental therapeutic environment for all of my clients, so that we can build an authentic connection that leads to individual and interpersonal change. I make every effort to work collaboratively with my clients because you are the best expert on you! You are unique and deserve more than a cookie-cutter approach, which is why I tailor each session to meet your needs and goals. This means I utilize several interventions and approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioral techniques, Dialectic Behavioral interventions, client-centered and interpersonal therapies, and other approaches based in science and research. 

When I am not at the office, you can find me enjoying the beach, dabbling in photography, spending time with family, and spoiling my Persian cat Maui. If you have any questions or would like to discuss booking an appointment, please feel free to reach out to me for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation. 

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